College of Humanities
Research Office

Message from the Dean

The College of Humanities Research Office team serves three campuses: Howard College, Edgewood and Pietermaritzburg. Professor Pholoho Justice Morojele, a Commonwealth scholar, former Academic Leader: Research and Postgraduate Studies in the School of Education, and an Associate Professor of Gender and Social Justice Education, has been the acting Dean of Research from 1st March 2016.

The College Research Office Headquarters is in Howard College (Ground Floor of the MTB Building), where responsibilities are divided between Postgraduate Studies and Research. In the former is Thuli Bekwa, and in the latter is Thobile Myeni, who is also Prof Morojele’s administrator. In Edgewood, postgraduate matters are dealt with by Tyzer Khumalo; and in Pietermaritzburg by Beulah Jacobsen and Belinda Davis, as well as Karen Sophie (Education). There is a good mixture of experience and new blood, as well as a healthy diversity among the staff.

As the College Research Offices serve 4300 postgraduate students as well as some 450 permanent and temporary academic staff, they are busy places. But the track record of the staff in the new school-configuration model is excellent and we pride ourselves on being courteous and efficient.

I feel honoured to have the opportunity to work with the dedicated and innovative academics – seasoned scholars and novice ones, postdocs and postgraduate students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The College of Humanities is making a positive impact on the social fabric of South Africa and Africa.  It is also increasingly playing a global role.

It is part of my vision to ensure that the College will continue to pursue research that will improve the quality of life for all sectors of South Africa’s and Africa’s population. My Office will assist in producing research and knowledge that will provide the training ground for tomorrow’s leaders in society that will never stop in their attempts to better Humanity.

I am proud to be associated with a College whose research is growing both in breadth and depth – all the hard work of highly experienced and dedicated scholars. I am committed to strengthen the research culture in the College and will work endlessly to create an environment in which research will flourish and scholarly career dreams come true.