Inside Teaching in Higher Education is a book about becoming and/or being an academic in relation to the pedagogic settings of twenty-first century universities in South Africa. The contributors are well-seasoned academics, as well as emerging writers, and are also of different races and genders. As participants in, and consumers of university cultures, their autobiographies are enfolded within the emerging complexities of those cultures. This edited volume pushes the boundaries of autoethnography as a non-traditional methodology within South African higher education settings to reflect diverse academic perspectives as groundwork for optimism, sustained energizing commitment and mutating forms of educational activity. It raises debates about the potential of autoethnography for facilitating cultural understandings of the academic self and of university contexts, its transformative agenda for researchers and readers, as well as its potential to bring about new learnings through the recognition and healing of social, political and historical scars.

Other Team members: Dr Inbanathan Naicker and Dr Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan